Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hi, Everyone, it's me, Rascal. I hacked into my owner's account to talk for a little bit myself. Now as you all are probably thinking, "How is he typing?", I'll tell you. Pencils do wonders! I came up with the idea of using a pencil to type and.......NO! I did not get that idea from the Shaggy Dog. I would never take another dog's creation and claim it for myself, well not unless treats were involved, but they're not so back off! Anyway, August 15th was my second birthday and I couldn't believe that my Mom didn't bother to mention it, so I'm doing that for her. Also
I just wanted to let everyone know about my buddy Riley's blog. He is the dog that my family and I rescued. He is a lot of fun to play with. We chase cats and goats and have races through the cotton field. I wish I had the camera, but I don't, so I'll post some pictures later, if my Mom doesn't find out that I hacked her account and change the password. Pray Not! But I will post this picture just to make you smile.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Blog

Yes, my new blog is up and running. I just did the first post and I think I got everything set. You can check it out here. I hope to eventually make it into a website, but right now I don't have the time to manage one, but please check it out and follow along if you like. I will also be adding a gadget so you can subscribe to it and to this blog. So then you can follow along with Rascal and Riley.