Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training Time!

Finally got another day where it was fairly cool (as cool as you can actually ask for it to be in the middle of July) and where it wasn't raining. So since I had already finished all the work at the farm, I decided to pull group 2 out to work with them. These first few training sessions are mainly just to evaluate each individual dog and find out where they are in their training.

Group 2 of dogs (Riley, Wrangler, and Daisy) are doing well for the most part. Riley will never fully be trained as a competitive dog in any sport, but he is my baby and as a pet he is well trained.

Wrangler loves to please me. So I can teach him to do just about anything I want within reason. He is not a toy motivated dog at all.  No toys, sticks, or balls for him. He just wants food and attention from me. His heel needs a good amount of work. He has a hard time focusing while he is walking so that will take time. But his sits, downs, and comes are pretty good. Just need to tone it up some.

Daisy is exceptional at her heel. She does have a hard with staying right at my side at times (she likes to slow down too much and switch sides) but other then that she is the best at it. She has an amazing come. I don't even have to call her name first, she just turns around and rushes back and sits in front of me every time. Her sits and downs are solid as well. She appears to have come the farthest out of all the dogs. I believe my plans for her involve Flyball and/or agility.

So this was the follow up on Group 2's evaluation. More updates will be coming soon. I plan on taking the dogs off more, working with them more on house manners, and there will be updates on breeding Sadie and lots more.