Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodbye My Dearest One :(

There will be no more Countdown To Christmas, or any more training posts, or anything really. My baby boy was hit and killed by a car tonight. I'm in pieces over this. He has been my life for three years now and I'm not sure what I will do without him. I'm trying to keep it together, but it's not working. He was the one I hugged when I cried and no there is no Rascal to hug. This is the most heartbroken thing ever for me and I'm pretty sure that this will never heal. No dog or animal will ever be able to replace Rebels Red Rascal. He is the best, was the best, and will forever be the best dog in the whole world. There will never be another one like him. The Aussie breed has lost a great dog this evening. Rascal stood for everything Aussie. And he is sorely missed by everyone. I will miss the way he attacked the wheelbarrows, the way he was obsessed with squeaky toys, the way he tryed to break the door down to get outside when he saw the treat bag, the way he danced around when you said "flyball" or "Mille Mae". I even miss the gas problems he was having. Rascal will forever be in my heart always and for ever more. I love you, Squeaky!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 20

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!! Whopp Dee Doop! Another day closer to Christmas. I'm so pumped. :) Here's today's song and picture. Peace Out!!!!!

Day: 20

What's in our stockings?!?!?!?!

From the wonderful movie "White Christmas" here is the song "White Christmas"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 21

We are officially three weeks away from Christmas. I'm so excited!!! Yippeee! Deck the halls, everyone! lol. Here are today's picture and song. I really hope you guys are excited about Christmas and have finished all your shopping. I hope you got something good for your dogs. :)

Day: 21

Get me out of here. Please!

Eartha Kitt singing "Santa Baby"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 22

OMG!!!! I can't believe it's only three weeks till Christmas Eve! I can't wait to sit down and watch our family Christmas movie and eat snacks and drink Cranberry Splash. Ok, I really need to calm down. lol. Here's today's song and picture. I've got to go and get ready for a Christmas party. Happy Holidays everyone! :)

Day: 22

Present Time!!!

Alabama singing "Thistlehair The Christmas bear"

Friday, December 2, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 23

Hey everyone! I still can't believe it is Christmas time. This year as just flown by for me, but I made some great memories this year too. Ok, today's song and picture is posted below. I hope you enjoy it.

Day 23:

Waiting for Santa

Josh Groban singing "Little Drummer Boy"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 24

Happy first day of December everyone!!!! I can't believe that this year is almost over. My life flashed before my eyes. Well, we are now yet another day closer to Christmas. My sisters are finishing their shopping and I still have some shopping to complete. But instead of talking about shopping, let's listen to one of my all time favorite Christmas song and enjoy the little picture for today also.

Day: 24

"Please Sir, I want some more."

Newsong singing "Christmas Shoes"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 25

Another day down till Christmas. I'm getting things lined up to start wrapping gifts. I just wished I was a good wrapper, but I'm not. LOL Ok. Here is today's song and picture. Enjoy!

Day: 25

We had better be getting a treat for this!

Alabama singing "Santa Claus (I still believe in you)"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 26

Today is the day! We are decorating our Christmas tree. I'm waiting for my chance to get around the tree and hang up all my dog ornaments. This is one of my favorite parts about Christmas. Here's today's song and picture.

Day: 26

Christmas Puppies

Clint Black singing "Till Santa's Gone"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 27

Hey again everyone. I hope you are all doing great. Things are moving along pretty good over here. We are staying busy with all the parades to go see and Christmas parties to attend, but nothing could make this time of the year my least favorite. Here's today's picture and song. I hope you guys enjoy!

Day: 27

Family Photo Time!!!!

Celtic Woman singing "Christmas Pipes"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 28

Yippee!!! We're another day closer to celebrating Christmas. I love spending time with my family and friends at this time of year. I just wished that my best friends lived closer instead of 2+ hours away, but we keep in touch. OK. Now to move on to our picture and song of the day. I really hope you guys like what I have been doing and I would love some feedback on it. Have a great day!

Day 28:

Why do you guys humiliate me like this?

Bob Rivers singing "The 12 Pains of Christmas"

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 29

Hello again everyone. We are now 29 days away from Christmas which just makes me more excited. Here's today's picture and song. Enjoy!

Day : 29

When Will Santa Get Here?

Porky Pig singing "Blue Christmas"

Friday, November 25, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Day 30

Hello everyone! This is the first ever Countdown To Christmas. I'm so excited about bringing this to your guys and I hope you all enjoy seeing the things I bring to you. Each day till Christmas (30 days) I'm going to post a Christmas picture and a song. It can be any picture, any song. The one thing that it has to be is Christmas. I'm looking forward to doing this for you guys. So, lets begin!

Day 30:

Snowy Fun

Brad Paisley Singing "Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday" with the Kung Pao Buckaroos

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers out there. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. It has been a splendid day for me and my family. We started the day off as we always do, by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which was good. Poor Scotty messed up his lip syncing, but I still love listening to him. Next I watched the National Dog Show, which was probably the best one I had ever seen.

Dog Show Results

Herding: Australian Shepherd
Sporting: English Springer Spaniel
Working: Bernese Mountain Dog
Non-Sporting: Dalmatian
Toy: Affenpinscher
Terrier: Wire Fox Terrier
Hound: Whippet
Best In Show: Wire Fox Terrier

Had a wonderful time watching the show. There were just some really amazing dogs there this year. Next we watched the Green Bay Packers game against the Detroit Lions. Go Packers!!!! After that we played our own family flag football game and came inside to watch the Dallas Cowboys against Miami Dolphins. Go Either one!!! LOL After that it was time for the turkey. Mom baked a 33 lb. turkey that we raised ourselves and it was sooo good. And the best part is.....There's tons of leftovers!!!! Finished the day off by skinning a deer and now I'm hoping to watch a movie or something and get ready for bed.

I hope you all have made some new memories with your family. I sure have. Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to spend with your family and friends. Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Fantastic 4

Well, now that it has finally cooled off some, we have been able to get back to training the dogs for flyball. We have had two meetings so far and in that time, we have worked on box turns, fallen jumps, and have picked our team/group name. As you guys probably know, we were once called Puppy Play Group and then Canines For Christ, but since we have decided to just do flyball, we needed a name that would reflect on what we were as a flyball team. So after a discussion, thinking of names, and drawing from a hat, we picked "The Fantastic 4".

Now that I'm leading things up, I'm hoping things will get done and hopefully Rascal and Millie Mae will be ready to compete at the Raleigh tournament in January with the Fayetteville Freedom Flyers.

We also have the four dogs that we need in order to have a full team. We have Rascal, Millie Mae, Amber, and Peppe, but it will be sometime next year before Amber and Peppe are ready to compete and we sill need two more dogs as back ups.

Hopefully, sometime soon, we will have business cards, fliers, a website, and money to buy a new box and a set of new jumps. So, right now things are running smoothly.

I should have pirctures and info next week to post, so you will be able to meet everyone on the team. I will also be posting training videos and starting up the "How to Train Your Dog for Flyball" post series again.

I hope you guys enjoy hearing about our adventures on the track. Please let me know how your training is going and give me any kind of feedback on my post or blog. We would love to hear from you all.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food and Water Container Review

I always, always, always used to say that I would never use these containers, that I would never have any need for these containers, and it came right back and bit me hard in the butt.

With three dogs in the house it became really hard to keep enough food out for all the dogs to be able to get all the food that they needed. And when the dogs were out of food, they would come up and bug my dad which set him off every time, so in order to prevent this from happening again, and to also make our lives a heck of a lot easier, we got these containers for food and water.

They work super well. With three dogs, we only have to fill the food container up about once a week and we can normally wait even longer to fill up the water bowl. I have to say that this is one of the best inventions made for dogs, next to the gentle leader. If you are like me and you have lots of dogs and the food bowl can never stay full, then I totally recommend this to you. Get it and easy your life!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rascal's Training

OK! So, to follow up my "What's up?" post, I'm going to talk about Rascal's training. It's kinda funny. I really don't have a lot to say. LOL.

Jessica and I have been working the dogs pretty hard when we have time to get to together. Rascal and Millie Mae should be ready to compete at the Raliegh tournament in September.

We have gotten them both to do the jumps and box up and back, but we still are having to work on their passing.

I think we are going to try and go to Fayetteville to work the dogs with the team this Sunday. Wish us luck!!!

"Flyball has helped fulfill my life and it can help you, too."


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Half Way There

Well, look at this. It's my 50th post. I'm halfway to 100. I never thought I would get this far. I thought my interest in dogs would last a year or so, but I've been doing dogs for 5 years now. I want to thank everyone who has read and/or commented on my posts. It shows that maybe someone is learning from what I've posted. I hope that you guys will be inspired by my next 50 posts and I hope to hear from you all. See you all later!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's Up?

That's the question of the day. What's Up? I know that it has been a good while since I've done a regular post, and I'm truly sorry. Things have been kinda wild here due to my goats giving birth and a show coming up, but hopefully I will be able to pick up in the posts once again.

I know that some of the links on the side are old and/or inactive and it is on my list of things to get done.

I'm not sure when the next movie review is going to get done. I know I have White Fang somewhere it's just trying to find it amongst all the other movies. and once I find it, I have to find out if our VCR will work and play it so I can write the review. I haven't seen this movie in a long time, like 10+ years, so trying to do the review from memory would probably do more harm then good.

For any of you guys interested in more of my movie reviews, then check out my blog The Theater. Some of the posts are the ones that are on here, and as of right now there is only one post, but I have dozens ready to go and I'm seeing new movies all the time.

I will be continuing my flyball training posts and I would love to hear what you guys want to see from me next. Give me your Challenge, too. I need things to help motivate me!

A post on Rascal's training will be following this one. It's just me and one other girl training for flyball. The club that I had help with has fallen apart. So we travel about 1 1/2 - 2 hours every once and a while to train with another group, but I still have a dream of having our own team. We are hoping to be ready to compete by September.

Well, this is goodbye for today. come back and check in every so often and see what's up over here. I'm planning on doing so fun things and you don't want to miss out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#11 Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Fransisco (1996)

Sassy, Shadow, and Chance enter into a whole new adventure, when they get lost in San Fransisco and have to make their way home.

PLOT (Caution Spoilers)

A ski vacation sounds like fun to everyone including the animals. The family is headed to Canada and are taking Sassy, Chance, and Shadow with them. Before leaving Chance gets into trouble at Jamie's baseball game and Jamie is mad at him.

The plan was drive to San Fransisco and fly from there to Canada. Chance thought that Jamie was leaving him and so he escaped from his crate in the airport and tried to find Jamie. Sassy and Shadow break out of their crates and go to retrieve him. After getting back inside the airport, they realize that Jamie is on the plane, which is where they were supposed to be. With security chasing them, they run outside and try to stop the plane. When that fails, they escape under the fence.

Meanwhile, the family is unaware about what as happened until they land in Canada. They decide to head back the next day and look for them.

Living on the streets is a lot harder then any of them thought it would be. While they searched for the Golden Gate Bridge, they get attacked by two dogs, but are then rescued by another group of dogs. Riley (the leader of the group that saved them) takes Sassy, Shadow, and Chance to stay with them at their hideout.

Things start to happen. Shadow rescues a boy from a burning building while Sassy saves his kitten. Chance falls in love with a beautiful girl dog, and gets caught by the dog catchers a.k.a. The Blood Red Van, but the gang gets him out.

After all these things happen, Riley takes them to the bridge. On their way home. Chance is run over by a tractor-trailer. The family was right behind the truck and got Shadow and Sassy. When the driver tells them what happened, Jamie runs and looks under the truck and finds Chance - safe and sound.

After being home for a week or so, Chance's girlfriend shows up and comes to live with them. Things go back to normal and they are one big happy family.

4.5 out of 5

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#12 Air Buddies (2006)

Air Buddies was Don Knotts and Patrick Cranshaw's final film, released after their death.

Plot (Caution Spoilers)

The Sir buddies is Buddy and Molly's group of puppies that consist of Rosebud, Budderball, Buddha, Mudbud, and B-dawg. Each of the Buddies have their own sport that they adore, just like their dad. They also have their own set of personalities.

Things get out of hand when everyone leaves for a soccer game and leaves the Buddieswith the baby sitter, Mrs. Niggles. The Buddies decide that they won't be left out of the fun and bolt for the door, just to be headed off by Mrs. Niggles, who decides it's time for their baths. After their baths, Mrs. Niggles puts the Buddies down for their naps, and then she heads downstairs and takes one herself. B-dawg declares that no one can make him take a nap and so he takes off downstairs, followed by the rest of the Buddies. The Buddies start to play with their toy balls and Mrs. Niggles' yarn and when Budderball goes to claim his prize - which just happened to be Mrs. Niggles' blueberry pie - he nocks it off the counter and it hits the floor, waking Mrs. Niggles up. But, unfortunately for Mrs. Niggles, she can't move because the pups have tied her to her chair with yarn. The Buddies hear the family coming home and with everything a mess, Mrs. Framm thinks it's time the Buddies find their new homes.

Meanwhile, Selkirk Tander tries to impress Mr. Livingston's son, Bartleby, by giving him a female tiger. Bartleby is nopt impressed. He wants an animal he can play with. Bartleby says his wants Air Bud and Mr. Livingston offers Selkirk $500,000 if he gets Buddy. Selkirk sends his nephew, Grim, and his assistant, Denning, to capture Buddy.

At school, Noah and Henry (Buddy and Molly's owners) gather kids profile sheets and photos in order to find the best matches for the pups. After looking through every profile and finding the right one, the family decides to call the new owners tomorrow. Grim and Denning are waiting for Buddy and discover that there are two Air Buds or that Buddy has a mate. They decide that they will catch both dogs.

The next morning, the pups decide that the only way to stay together is to run away. Grim and Denning follow the pups and manage to catch Budderball by luring him with a doughnut. When the others try to save him, they are captured and used as bait for Buddy and Molly. In the effort to free the Buddies, Buddy, and Molly are captured. The Buddies ask Sniffer for his help in finding their mom and dad. Sniffer tells them that they were taken to wine country, and also that he couldn't help because he had lost his sense of smell.

Back in wine country, Grim and Denning hand Buddy and Molly over Selkirk who is pleased with the thought of breeding them and selling the puppies, making him millions. When Grim explains about the Buddies and how Denning let them get away, Selkirk was furious and told them to lock Buddy and Molly in the wine cellar and then go and get the puppies. Selkirk threatens them with feeding them to the tiger if they should fail. Grim and Denning go back to Buddy's place to capture the Buddies, but they can't find them. So Grim and Denning go to a Drive-in theater and watched 101 Dalmatains only to discover the Buddies there. Yet, Grim and Denning still do not catch the Buddies, due to the fact, that they upset a group of bikers when they knocked over their bikes. The bikers are so mad that they tie Grim and Denning in fri=ont of the screen and throw skunk's spray has fixed Sniffer's smell and so he leads Noah and Henry to the farm where they found Grim and Denning and called the police. Buddy and Molly dig a hole and escape just to meet up with Sniffer who tells them that the Buddies were inside.

Maenwhile, Budderball fell into the hole that Buddy and Molly dug and the others follow him in. Bartleby and his dad arrive to ick up Air Bud and found the puppies instead. Bartleby is happy with this switch and loads them into limousine. Noah, Henry, Buddy, and Molly arrive on the scene and rescue the Buddies. During their escape, Budderball falls into a container of wine and gets drunk. Bartleby catches Budderball, but is caught by Sniffer. Noah, Henry, and the dogs release a load of barrels toward Selkirk and Mr. Livingston. The barrels break a wine container that Selkirk and Mr. Livingston fell into and they are washed out. Sheriff Bob arrives and arrests Selkirk, Grim, and Denning. The Buddies apologize to their parents and said that they were ready to go to their new homes. Budderball even decides to stay with Bartleby, because he needed a friend.

5 out of 5 star rating

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#13 The Ugly Dachshund

Kenji: Rion! Rion!
Mark Garrison: Lion?
[Kenji points to Brutus, standing over Mr. Toyama, laying on the ground]
Fran Garrison: Brutus! Mark call him off. Mr. Toyama.
Mr. Toyama: Take away rion!
Fran Garrison: That's not a lion, that's a dog.
Mr. Toyama: [sits up] You call THAT, dog?


Mark and Fran Garrison (Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette) head to, what appears to be, the hospital for the birth of a child, but then you realize that they are headed to Dr. Pruitt (Charles Ruggles), who is the family vet. It was their Dachshund which was having puppies, three to be exact.

When Mark goes to pick up the three newborn pups and the mom, he sees a litter of Great Dane puppies that belonged to Dr. Pruitt. Dr. Pruitt talks Mark into raising the runt of the litter with the Dachshund puppies since their mom had more then enough milk. Mark agrees, but hides the fact that he is a Great Dane from Fran and lets her believe that he is a Dachshund.

But in no time, Fran realizes that the male dog, who Mark claimed to be a Dachshund puppy, was non-other than a Great Dane. She tells Mark that he has it take him back

Mark is devasted after giving Brutus back and is left, drawing pictures of Great Danes. But on Mark's birthday, Fran surprises him with the return of Brutus into their family. Mark is still faced with the fact that they may have to get rid of Brutus, who he has come to love and adore, because of his destructive behavior.

The Garrison's puppies cause loads of havoc in the house, yard, and studio. Yet Fran is convinced that it is Brutus, the Great Dane that thinks he's a Dachshund, that is destroying everything. But Mark continues to defend Brutus by saying how he's a great watchdog and guardian for the tiny Dachshies.

In order to prove that Brutus is special and great, Mark enters him in the dog show (which happens to be the same one that Fran has entered Chloe, one of the puppies, into). Brutus does really well, beating Chloe out, and discovers that he isn't a Dachshund, but a mighty Great Dane.

5 out 5 Star rating

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wellness Dog Food

Pet Food Talk did a post on Wellness Dog Food and told us about it being close to the #1 dog food brand. Approved by the Whole Dog Journal and listed among the "Top Ten" dog food brands. In order to read this post follow the link here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

# 14: Snow Buddies

Molly and Buddy's puppies live in Washington and love sports just like their dad. One morning, while in an attempt to play hide-n-seek, Butterball discovers an ice cream truck. Rosebud and the others follow him inside in order to stop him from eating himself sick. The puppies climb in, but before they can escape, are locked inside the truck which is shipping to Ferntiuktuk, Alaska.

After falling from the sky, the Buddies meet up with an Alaskan Husky named Shasta. Shasta's 11-year-old owner wants nothing more for Christmas than to follow in his dad's footsteps and win a dog-sled race. The Buddies agree to help Shasta and his owner pursue their dream. Unfortunately, Shasta's parents are dead and there is no one to help teach them how to be sled dogs. But Shasta finds out about a legend stating of the Greatest sled-dog, Talon, living in the mountains. Shasta and the Buddies go and visit Talon and Talon agrees to help them, not for them, but for Shasta's dad.

Shasta and the buddies train super hard and do everything Talon tells them. When Talon thinks it's time for the boy to know, Shasta shows Adam (Shasta's owner) the buddies and Adam knows what to do. Adam builds a new sled and starts working with the pups on pulling and turning a sled. Talon watches the pups pull the sled and the effort that they all put into it. But the older racing Huskies in town try to stop the Buddies by telling them that Shasta's parents died during the race, when they fell through the ice. The Buddies are scared, but they are still going to help Shasta and Adam win the race.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Buddy and Molly discover Budderball's football on the back of the ice cream truck and follow the same route to Alaska.

Talon calls the puppies to the mountains one night to show them the Northern Lights. He tells Shasta that he has learned everything he needs to know and will be a great lead dog just like his father was. The next day, Adam enters them in the race against Jean George.

Buddy and Molly meet up with Bernie, the rescue dog, and he tells them of the race. Adam's dad also discovers that Adam is racing and goes looking for him.

The team makes it to the midway checkpoint without much trouble, but a storm is setting in. The sheriff checks his emails and discovers that the Buddies are from Washington. Adam's dad gets his truck stuck in a snowbank during the storm and has to go with the sheriff to the finish line. Jean George has started cheating. He is sabotaging other racer's sleds. Adam seeks shelter during the storm, in a igloo owned by an Inuit. They start back on the trail the next day.

Adam and Jean George have a run in in which Adam is injured. Adam recovers and continues in the race. Jean George's dogs crash through the ice within sight of the finish line. Jean George abandons them and leaves them their to drown. Adam can't bear to see the same thing that happened to Shasta's parents happen to these dogs, so he hooks the puppies up to Jean George's sled and pulls the dog out. Jean George sees that Adam has gotten them out and he climbs back on and takes off to win the race.

But the Buddies won't give up so fast. They start off, running as fast as they could. They wanted to win this race. Jean George's dogs realize that the pups had risked their lives to save them and Jean George had left them. They decided to give the race away to Adam and the pups. Adam's team goes on to win the race.

Adam meets up with his parents at the end of the race and the Buddies meet of with their parents too. The Sheriff has made arrangments for the goldens flight home.

The Buddies say goodbye to Shasta and Adam and head home with their parents. At the end of the movie Shasta has his own sled-dog team and Shasta is still the lead dog.

4.5 out of 5 for family friendliness

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ultra-Star Ultimate Disc Review

Disc Golf Station has asked me to do a review on their store/discs, which I have to say is an honor. First, it's my first review and second, the have some really cool stuff. I got the Ultra-Star Ultimate Disc in the mail last week and was really excited about trying it out, unfortunately it was raining for a few days and then I had no one to throw it with. But last Sunday I took it to church for our youth group to try out. It is the best disc I've ever played with! It flies smoothly, sailing down the field towards the goal. You can get tons of air with it and throw it great with a curve.

No matter which disc you get, it takes a while to get the feel of that particular disc. But not with this Ultra-Star. Man, we were getting it to sail all the way down the field with no problem, as long as the wind didn't start up. Even this disc was great in the wind. You give it just the right amount of of pressure when you throw and the wind won't affect it any.

I think this disc would do great in freestyle competitions. It does everything you could ask for in a freestyle competition. It's easy for the dog to catch, and easy for you to throw. I SO recommend getting this disc whether you're doing Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, or Freestyle with your dog. This disc is the best!

I want to thank Disc Golf Station for letting me do this review on this product and for more info, you should check out their site: www.discgolfstation.com