Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday was my 16th birthday. And I would like to mention the things I got for my Christmas and birthday.


  1. 4-H Hoddie
  2. Bolt DVD
  3. Get A Real Dog, Get An Australian Shepherd T-shirt
  4. Beagle Ornament
  5. Breed Rescue book
  6. 2006 FCI World Agility Championships DVD
  7. Bracelet & Necklace
  8. Carhartt Jeans and Shirt
  9. Dog pocketbook
  10. 16 &17 Nancy Drew books (I collect the old ones)
  11. WillowTree Angel Of Friendship
  12. Flyball Jumps

  1. Captain Blood book
  2. Bath & Body Works Shampoo
  3. Under The Greenwood Tree DVD
  4. Taylor Swift CD
  5. Brittany Dog Statue
Rascal got three squeaky tennis balls and a squeaky squirrel. Sydney got a blanket, so hopefully she'll sleep on that instead of on our beds.


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