Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Poem

Some One Does Care

Snow fell with a great big "flop"
Straight onto the head of little Cindy Lop

Cindy Lop, the hound with no fear,
Climbed out of the snow free and clear.

She ran around, chasing her tail,
And when she bit it, let out a wail.

Joey, the boy, called her annoying
And his parents thought she was just boring.

She knew it was Christmas Eve that night,
And she knew Santa would come into sight.

That night she slept by the fireside
Dreaming of a bone, ten inches wide.

But he left her something better,
Even though she never sent him a letter.

He gave her a heart shaped pillow
That almost made her cry like a Weeping Willow.

She finally knew that someone did care
It just happened to be the man from up there.

-Michaela Seitter

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