Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Fantastic 4

Well, now that it has finally cooled off some, we have been able to get back to training the dogs for flyball. We have had two meetings so far and in that time, we have worked on box turns, fallen jumps, and have picked our team/group name. As you guys probably know, we were once called Puppy Play Group and then Canines For Christ, but since we have decided to just do flyball, we needed a name that would reflect on what we were as a flyball team. So after a discussion, thinking of names, and drawing from a hat, we picked "The Fantastic 4".

Now that I'm leading things up, I'm hoping things will get done and hopefully Rascal and Millie Mae will be ready to compete at the Raleigh tournament in January with the Fayetteville Freedom Flyers.

We also have the four dogs that we need in order to have a full team. We have Rascal, Millie Mae, Amber, and Peppe, but it will be sometime next year before Amber and Peppe are ready to compete and we sill need two more dogs as back ups.

Hopefully, sometime soon, we will have business cards, fliers, a website, and money to buy a new box and a set of new jumps. So, right now things are running smoothly.

I should have pirctures and info next week to post, so you will be able to meet everyone on the team. I will also be posting training videos and starting up the "How to Train Your Dog for Flyball" post series again.

I hope you guys enjoy hearing about our adventures on the track. Please let me know how your training is going and give me any kind of feedback on my post or blog. We would love to hear from you all.

Have a great day!

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