Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back On Track

I want to apologize for not doing a post in so long.  Rascal's death hit me hard and I became stressed and depressed really bad.  I'm trying to move on and I've been getting things lined up for working the puppies who are coming of age to be trained in obedience and some herding commands.  I will be working Sadie and Wrangler in this mainly for right now and in another month I'll be working Daisy and Luke with the same things.  This month I'll also begin training Cassie in flyball.  So I've got some things figured out.

Some other things that have changed is (1) the name of the blog.  I decided to change it to match my blog for my kennels and rescue and of course to already gets things lined up for my training center which will be nice, but not ready until in maybe 10 years. (2) I'm going to be doing an online course to become a vet tech.  I've decided that this will give me something to learn and have fun with, but I'll also be able to use it the rest of my life.

I currently can't think of anything else that has changed or is currently going on, but I'll post them when I can remember.  I have also decided though, that I'll be posting more pictures more often and doing posts a lot more often.  I want to try to show you guys the stuff I'm doing and some of the training techniques I've learned and also get comments from you guys on some of them.

I'm also trying to stay on track with my kennel/rescue blog too. Still got things to switch around and change and what-not.  But I will be working on it and this blog and be doing a lot more updates.  Well, I guess this is bye for now.  I'll hopefully have a post on flyball up in the very very near future.

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