Wednesday, January 19, 2011

# 14: Snow Buddies

Molly and Buddy's puppies live in Washington and love sports just like their dad. One morning, while in an attempt to play hide-n-seek, Butterball discovers an ice cream truck. Rosebud and the others follow him inside in order to stop him from eating himself sick. The puppies climb in, but before they can escape, are locked inside the truck which is shipping to Ferntiuktuk, Alaska.

After falling from the sky, the Buddies meet up with an Alaskan Husky named Shasta. Shasta's 11-year-old owner wants nothing more for Christmas than to follow in his dad's footsteps and win a dog-sled race. The Buddies agree to help Shasta and his owner pursue their dream. Unfortunately, Shasta's parents are dead and there is no one to help teach them how to be sled dogs. But Shasta finds out about a legend stating of the Greatest sled-dog, Talon, living in the mountains. Shasta and the Buddies go and visit Talon and Talon agrees to help them, not for them, but for Shasta's dad.

Shasta and the buddies train super hard and do everything Talon tells them. When Talon thinks it's time for the boy to know, Shasta shows Adam (Shasta's owner) the buddies and Adam knows what to do. Adam builds a new sled and starts working with the pups on pulling and turning a sled. Talon watches the pups pull the sled and the effort that they all put into it. But the older racing Huskies in town try to stop the Buddies by telling them that Shasta's parents died during the race, when they fell through the ice. The Buddies are scared, but they are still going to help Shasta and Adam win the race.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Buddy and Molly discover Budderball's football on the back of the ice cream truck and follow the same route to Alaska.

Talon calls the puppies to the mountains one night to show them the Northern Lights. He tells Shasta that he has learned everything he needs to know and will be a great lead dog just like his father was. The next day, Adam enters them in the race against Jean George.

Buddy and Molly meet up with Bernie, the rescue dog, and he tells them of the race. Adam's dad also discovers that Adam is racing and goes looking for him.

The team makes it to the midway checkpoint without much trouble, but a storm is setting in. The sheriff checks his emails and discovers that the Buddies are from Washington. Adam's dad gets his truck stuck in a snowbank during the storm and has to go with the sheriff to the finish line. Jean George has started cheating. He is sabotaging other racer's sleds. Adam seeks shelter during the storm, in a igloo owned by an Inuit. They start back on the trail the next day.

Adam and Jean George have a run in in which Adam is injured. Adam recovers and continues in the race. Jean George's dogs crash through the ice within sight of the finish line. Jean George abandons them and leaves them their to drown. Adam can't bear to see the same thing that happened to Shasta's parents happen to these dogs, so he hooks the puppies up to Jean George's sled and pulls the dog out. Jean George sees that Adam has gotten them out and he climbs back on and takes off to win the race.

But the Buddies won't give up so fast. They start off, running as fast as they could. They wanted to win this race. Jean George's dogs realize that the pups had risked their lives to save them and Jean George had left them. They decided to give the race away to Adam and the pups. Adam's team goes on to win the race.

Adam meets up with his parents at the end of the race and the Buddies meet of with their parents too. The Sheriff has made arrangments for the goldens flight home.

The Buddies say goodbye to Shasta and Adam and head home with their parents. At the end of the movie Shasta has his own sled-dog team and Shasta is still the lead dog.

4.5 out of 5 for family friendliness

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