Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ultra-Star Ultimate Disc Review

Disc Golf Station has asked me to do a review on their store/discs, which I have to say is an honor. First, it's my first review and second, the have some really cool stuff. I got the Ultra-Star Ultimate Disc in the mail last week and was really excited about trying it out, unfortunately it was raining for a few days and then I had no one to throw it with. But last Sunday I took it to church for our youth group to try out. It is the best disc I've ever played with! It flies smoothly, sailing down the field towards the goal. You can get tons of air with it and throw it great with a curve.

No matter which disc you get, it takes a while to get the feel of that particular disc. But not with this Ultra-Star. Man, we were getting it to sail all the way down the field with no problem, as long as the wind didn't start up. Even this disc was great in the wind. You give it just the right amount of of pressure when you throw and the wind won't affect it any.

I think this disc would do great in freestyle competitions. It does everything you could ask for in a freestyle competition. It's easy for the dog to catch, and easy for you to throw. I SO recommend getting this disc whether you're doing Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, or Freestyle with your dog. This disc is the best!

I want to thank Disc Golf Station for letting me do this review on this product and for more info, you should check out their site: www.discgolfstation.com

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