Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#12 Air Buddies (2006)

Air Buddies was Don Knotts and Patrick Cranshaw's final film, released after their death.

Plot (Caution Spoilers)

The Sir buddies is Buddy and Molly's group of puppies that consist of Rosebud, Budderball, Buddha, Mudbud, and B-dawg. Each of the Buddies have their own sport that they adore, just like their dad. They also have their own set of personalities.

Things get out of hand when everyone leaves for a soccer game and leaves the Buddieswith the baby sitter, Mrs. Niggles. The Buddies decide that they won't be left out of the fun and bolt for the door, just to be headed off by Mrs. Niggles, who decides it's time for their baths. After their baths, Mrs. Niggles puts the Buddies down for their naps, and then she heads downstairs and takes one herself. B-dawg declares that no one can make him take a nap and so he takes off downstairs, followed by the rest of the Buddies. The Buddies start to play with their toy balls and Mrs. Niggles' yarn and when Budderball goes to claim his prize - which just happened to be Mrs. Niggles' blueberry pie - he nocks it off the counter and it hits the floor, waking Mrs. Niggles up. But, unfortunately for Mrs. Niggles, she can't move because the pups have tied her to her chair with yarn. The Buddies hear the family coming home and with everything a mess, Mrs. Framm thinks it's time the Buddies find their new homes.

Meanwhile, Selkirk Tander tries to impress Mr. Livingston's son, Bartleby, by giving him a female tiger. Bartleby is nopt impressed. He wants an animal he can play with. Bartleby says his wants Air Bud and Mr. Livingston offers Selkirk $500,000 if he gets Buddy. Selkirk sends his nephew, Grim, and his assistant, Denning, to capture Buddy.

At school, Noah and Henry (Buddy and Molly's owners) gather kids profile sheets and photos in order to find the best matches for the pups. After looking through every profile and finding the right one, the family decides to call the new owners tomorrow. Grim and Denning are waiting for Buddy and discover that there are two Air Buds or that Buddy has a mate. They decide that they will catch both dogs.

The next morning, the pups decide that the only way to stay together is to run away. Grim and Denning follow the pups and manage to catch Budderball by luring him with a doughnut. When the others try to save him, they are captured and used as bait for Buddy and Molly. In the effort to free the Buddies, Buddy, and Molly are captured. The Buddies ask Sniffer for his help in finding their mom and dad. Sniffer tells them that they were taken to wine country, and also that he couldn't help because he had lost his sense of smell.

Back in wine country, Grim and Denning hand Buddy and Molly over Selkirk who is pleased with the thought of breeding them and selling the puppies, making him millions. When Grim explains about the Buddies and how Denning let them get away, Selkirk was furious and told them to lock Buddy and Molly in the wine cellar and then go and get the puppies. Selkirk threatens them with feeding them to the tiger if they should fail. Grim and Denning go back to Buddy's place to capture the Buddies, but they can't find them. So Grim and Denning go to a Drive-in theater and watched 101 Dalmatains only to discover the Buddies there. Yet, Grim and Denning still do not catch the Buddies, due to the fact, that they upset a group of bikers when they knocked over their bikes. The bikers are so mad that they tie Grim and Denning in fri=ont of the screen and throw skunk's spray has fixed Sniffer's smell and so he leads Noah and Henry to the farm where they found Grim and Denning and called the police. Buddy and Molly dig a hole and escape just to meet up with Sniffer who tells them that the Buddies were inside.

Maenwhile, Budderball fell into the hole that Buddy and Molly dug and the others follow him in. Bartleby and his dad arrive to ick up Air Bud and found the puppies instead. Bartleby is happy with this switch and loads them into limousine. Noah, Henry, Buddy, and Molly arrive on the scene and rescue the Buddies. During their escape, Budderball falls into a container of wine and gets drunk. Bartleby catches Budderball, but is caught by Sniffer. Noah, Henry, and the dogs release a load of barrels toward Selkirk and Mr. Livingston. The barrels break a wine container that Selkirk and Mr. Livingston fell into and they are washed out. Sheriff Bob arrives and arrests Selkirk, Grim, and Denning. The Buddies apologize to their parents and said that they were ready to go to their new homes. Budderball even decides to stay with Bartleby, because he needed a friend.

5 out of 5 star rating

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