Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#13 The Ugly Dachshund

Kenji: Rion! Rion!
Mark Garrison: Lion?
[Kenji points to Brutus, standing over Mr. Toyama, laying on the ground]
Fran Garrison: Brutus! Mark call him off. Mr. Toyama.
Mr. Toyama: Take away rion!
Fran Garrison: That's not a lion, that's a dog.
Mr. Toyama: [sits up] You call THAT, dog?


Mark and Fran Garrison (Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette) head to, what appears to be, the hospital for the birth of a child, but then you realize that they are headed to Dr. Pruitt (Charles Ruggles), who is the family vet. It was their Dachshund which was having puppies, three to be exact.

When Mark goes to pick up the three newborn pups and the mom, he sees a litter of Great Dane puppies that belonged to Dr. Pruitt. Dr. Pruitt talks Mark into raising the runt of the litter with the Dachshund puppies since their mom had more then enough milk. Mark agrees, but hides the fact that he is a Great Dane from Fran and lets her believe that he is a Dachshund.

But in no time, Fran realizes that the male dog, who Mark claimed to be a Dachshund puppy, was non-other than a Great Dane. She tells Mark that he has it take him back

Mark is devasted after giving Brutus back and is left, drawing pictures of Great Danes. But on Mark's birthday, Fran surprises him with the return of Brutus into their family. Mark is still faced with the fact that they may have to get rid of Brutus, who he has come to love and adore, because of his destructive behavior.

The Garrison's puppies cause loads of havoc in the house, yard, and studio. Yet Fran is convinced that it is Brutus, the Great Dane that thinks he's a Dachshund, that is destroying everything. But Mark continues to defend Brutus by saying how he's a great watchdog and guardian for the tiny Dachshies.

In order to prove that Brutus is special and great, Mark enters him in the dog show (which happens to be the same one that Fran has entered Chloe, one of the puppies, into). Brutus does really well, beating Chloe out, and discovers that he isn't a Dachshund, but a mighty Great Dane.

5 out 5 Star rating


Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Looks like a wonderful movie!
I've never heard of it... but I may have go watch it now :)

Allison - Rudy's Raiser

Rascal's Trainer said...

You should watch it. It's a really good, and funny, movie.