Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flyball Training - Part 2

Now that you know what flyball is, you can start to plan what you want to do. You need to decide if you are doing this for fun or competition, if you're going to join a team or start your own, are you going to build your equipment or buy it. These are choices that I can't help you make, but I'll do my best to help you get started as best as I can.

Fun or Competition

Let's start here since this is the first thing you need to decide. If you're not willing to spend time, money, energy, etc. Then competition is not for you. Even though training flyball for fun still takes these things, it is less stressful since you don't have to hurry with training, and spend loads of time, energy, and money on all training. So talk it through, and decide then move on to the next step.

To Build or To Buy

Well, I didn't have the money to buy, therefore I made the jumps. Ok. I did buy the box from a friend who was getting out of flyball, but that was because it was cheap and my dad wasn't sure how to build one. But if you're deteremined to buy then you can skip this section and go here.

If you want to build your equipment, there are really easy directions to go by, but I'll warn you, that if you're doing competition then I would build the equipment, train uses that and save money and get the ones made for competitions and uses those, because there are so many rules on six=zes of the jumps and box that it will save you a lot of stress at competitions if you buy equipment to use at competitions. Here are the directions.

Joining or Starting

Well, it depends really on where you live. See where I live the closest team is 1 1/2 hours away. So, I was going to have to start my own. I started with putting flyers out and getting the word out about it. I was contacted and found out that the lady was starting a dog club (puppy play group) and now I have about five other people interested in flyball. So now I have almost enough dogs for two teams, but if you still want to join a team then go here.

Well, this is the end of part two. The next part will be on equipment and books to read that will also aid you in your journey in flyball. Until next time. Bye.

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