Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Puppy Play Group

Our group has finally started getting together. We have about ten people and almost enough dogs to do two flyball teams. We get together and let the dogs run around and play and then we do some training. We have an Australian Shepherd, three labs, one JRT, one Golden, one Beagle, and one Labradoodle. We are going to be working onfFlyball, obedience, scenting, agility, and a lot of other cool things. We are also looking at getting someone to do an attack dog demo. Let's hope we can. I mean what's more exciting than watching a dog that is trained to attack on command, release on command and track people down? Well? Not much. I will keep filling you guys in on everything and be on a lookout for our blog which should be coming soon. But like Aslan says "I call all times soon". And remember, a trained dog is a happy dog.

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