Sunday, April 11, 2010


I took Rascal to his first Show-n-go. He was so excited. He drooled and wanted to love on everyone. It started at 9Am. Excellent was first, then Advance, and finally Novice, which is what we were in. Barb McNinch from Ringtime was there and she walked me through the Excellent course just to let me get a feel for it. Rascal whined when I stepped away from him and even when I just went to the bathroom which was right beside where we were sitting. We did two runs. The first one wasn't go good. I practiced on the sidelines right before and he still freaked when we got out there. He was just focused on everything, but me. We reached one sign and I told him around and started to walk when I noticed that he wasn't following. I turned around and there he was looking at his reflection in a mirror against the wall. He never showed interest in his reflection at home, but there it was different. He acted like he was in a trance and everyone was laughing. I pulled him away and the next thing happened. We came to an off set weave sign. We needed to weave a figure eight around two cones, but there were two dog bowls with toys. One had a tennis ball and the other one had a squeaky hedgehog in it. " Oh No!" I thought. Two of his favorite toys just sitting there, waiting to be played with. I started the figure eight. He lunged for the tennis ball. I kept going. Then for the hedgehog. I continued on my not so merry way. We finished with not to many more problems.

The second run was better. He paused for just a sec at the mirror until he realized that I wasn't going to stop. Then at the figure eight, he glanced that the toys, then imediately looked right back at me. He did fairly good even through it was his first time.

If you don't know a lot about Rally-O (Rally Obedience) then I encourage you to go look it up. It just might be the dog sport for you. Have a blessed day.

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